How to avoid a Head Kick Muay Thai

How to avoid a Head Kick Muay Thai

Muay Thai Head Kick Avoidance and Counters

The Muay Thai Head Kick is also found in many Martial Arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Tang Soo Do just to name a few. The big difference is that in Muay Thai the Head Kick is a massive one, not to make a point, not to score, but to KO the opponent. All Muay Thai kicks are powerful, the fighters tend to use as much power as they can with every kick, the same with their punches.

There are several tips I could share to avoid getting kicked in the head:

  • Move around your opponent, remember a target that moves is hard to get.
  • Relax and make sure your hands are up.
  • Work on your foot maneuver, move changing your fighting stance, this will get him tired because he will try to catch you with a kick.
  • Don’t give him room to kick, if he’s a good kicker then just don’t let him kick, make him feel uncomfortable.
  • Use your leg kicks, if your opponent sees and feels good leg kicks he won’t try to kick your head at all, he knows if he tried you’ll sweep him away.

Here on this video, you will learn a great counter for this powerful kick, which is a middle roundhouse kick, a punch, and a nice hurtful sweep.

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