How to do a Muay Thai Front kick Counter

Front kick Counter

Muay Thai Counters to the Teep/Pushkick

Muay Thai fighters are always facing their opponent while in other martial arts they do not. For example in Sport Karate and in Taekwondo you are facing sideways when sparring.

There are several counters you can do against a front kick, here we have a few:

  1. Step back, grab the leg and deliver a leg kick to the supporting leg. This will stop any aggressive fighter on the spot.
  2. Step back while you block and grab the leg, pull the leg a little bit so he loses balance then attack the face with a punch.
  3. Step back while you block and grab the leg, pull it and kick the back of the thigh.
  4. Step back blocking and grabbing the leg, then grab the head on a clinch and knee to the body.
  5. Step out of the line of attack and counter as soon as his foot lands on the ground, you’ll catch him off guard.
  6. Step out of the line of the attack, you might have to block it with a downward block, then deliver an inward elbow strike to the face.
  7. Step out blocking the kick and before he lands grab his neck with the right hand and sweep him.
  8. Step in blocking his leg out and do a back spinning kick to the stomach.

Raj Singh, owner and Muay Thai Kru of Glasgow Fitness Gym is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on different counters that can be utilized against the teep/pushkick/font kick/mae geri in Muay Thai.

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