Muay Thai Conditioning Drills

This is Muay Thai training

Muay Thai Conditioning Drills

If you like contact martial arts then you know about Muay Thai, here are some conditioning drill exercises that might help you in your training. There are several kicking, punching and combo techniques you can use.

Here we have two versions, two different videos, the first where you can see a little bit of Thailand, real Muay Thai Fights were people gamble. See how these fighters train, and get ready to fight.

A recommendation to all, please do not try to cut a palm tree with your shin, that needs lots of training, you will need conditioning, your shins would need to have proper hardening, and lastly why break a palm tree while you can do the same with a punching bag.

In Thailand, Muay Thai Fighters fight for recognition, fame, and money. There are several Muay Thai Training camps and the way they train is out of this world.

You will see how they train kicking and punching trees.Workouts that take hours or running, stretching, kicking, punching, receiving, speed and much more.

The most common techniques in Muay Thai are knees, direct punches, leg kicks, elbow strikes and roundhouse kicks.

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