Closing Distance with kicks & knees in Muay Thai

Closing Distance with kicks & knees in Muay Thai

Closing Distance in Muay Thai

Closing distance and keeping a safe distance while you spar is crucial. Proper distance can save you from a strong elbow strike to your face or a powerful knee to your ribs, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this can result in a devastating guillotine, arm lock or any other destructive technique.

The following video will show you available options in terms of closing your distance and what to do using your available weapons. When you fight an opponent who is good at kicking and striking then your game would be to neutralize him/her by closing that distance. Aggressive fighters always come on a straight line angle of attack, so it is fairly easy to telegraph them, you can utilize a front kick easily. If you want to stop them then use a thrusting front kick to cut him in half to finish him with a knee to the stomach. The game changes if your opponent moves around you, then you will need to adjust your tactics.

How to close the distance techniques:

Step out of the line of attack and deliver one of the following moves:

  • Roundhouse kick to the middle section.
  • Leg kick to the forward leg or lead leg, this will disable the balance right away and you can counter attack.
  • Knee to the middle section if the attacker comes in, you will catch him while he gets close to you.
  • Downward Roundhouse kick to the face or head, if you kick when he comes in he might get knock out.
  • Sweep the lead leg as you step back, he will lose balance and will be ready to be finished.

Keep in mind you will need to study your opponent first and set him up as you prepare the counter attack by closing the distance. Most fighters have a pattern with a set of kick and punch combinations they always use. Study how they move in the ring, most of them do the same foot maneuver all the time which make them predictable.

Julie Kitchen, 14 times World Muay Thai Champion, Enfusion Live commentator, Enfusion Reality co-host and the renowned instructor is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on how she likes to angling off the center line to inflict damage on aggressive opponents in Muay Thai.

If you are interested in perfecting techniques like this we recommend you to find the assistance of a certified instructor who can guide you. Avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents. Search for a certified Muay Thai training center.


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