Muay Thai Advanced Flow Sparring

Muay Thai Advanced Flow Sparring

Advanced Flow Sparring

In sparring you must flow a certain rhythm and move accordingly, otherwise, you’ll become an easy target, you’ll get hit, you’ll get hurt and you know the end. Being able to move around your opponent is a must and need. Most fighters don’t move, they pretend to be hard and strong…and that’s their weakness because if you continue to drill in the same place you’ll make a hole. If you want to be a successful fighter in any martial arts then you need to move, you need to set your own rhythm to become unpredictable, don’t let your opponent decipher your next move.

If you want to be an easy target then don’t move, if you want to get hit over and over then don’t move, if you want to get hurt then don’t move… remember that in Thailand the palm tree does not move and the fighter keeps kicking until the palm tree is down.


Somapat Sitiwatjana (Master A), former Pro Muay Thai fighter, Kru and Head Instructor of Master A’s Muay Thai School in Manchester is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on how to use flow to develop advanced understanding/technique for sparring in Muay Thai.

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