Moves For Stage-Ready Shoulders

Stage-Ready Shoulders workout

Stage-Ready Shoulders

Whether you’re going to stroll onto the stage this year or just stroll the beach, having shapely shoulders can make you feel more confident when your upper body is out there for the world to see. When I’m looking to tighten up and work on the finishing details of my physique, I throw this workout into my rotation. It’s especially helpful for making those delts pop and adding a little extra definition.

For the first two sets of each exercise, use a moderate weight and aim for 15 reps. For the last set, increase the weight and drop down to 10 reps. This way, you can ease your way into the exercise and still have enough gas in the tank to push yourself on your last set.

This workout should take about 45 minutes and would be a great once-a-week addition to your current lifting plan.

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