How to Do a Mountain Climber Plank

How to Do a Mountain Climber Plank

Mountain Climber Plank

You want to make sure your hands are under your shoulders. You’re going to lift your knees off the ground. You’re just going to bring your knee in, up toward the center line of your stomach, and then bring it back down. Alternate with your left.

So, bringing your right knee up, alternate with your left. I’m doing this pretty carefully. There’s a lot of control here. You can also speed it up, just like so. The only thing I want you to make sure is not happening, is your hips are coming up and down like this. So, you really want to make sure you maintain that control.

Don’t sacrifice the speed for the control. So, I’ll show you on your forearms. One is not necessarily better than the other, this one is just less shoulder. So knee, center. Now if you have longer legs, that might be difficult just because your knees might scratch the ground so just be aware of that. But, that’s how you do a mountain climber plank.

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