Mortal Kombat! Raiden & Sub-Zero in the Elevator

Mortal Kombat Prank

Mortal Kombat Prank

What would you do if you have to take the elevator and you find Raiden from Mortal Kombat who is ready to fight you? Or how about Sub-Zero? Lately, w, have seen all kinds of Pranks but I guess nothing like this. I wonder how would any of my black belt friends react in a situation like this. What would you do if you are facing one of these guys?

Years ago when the first version of the Mortal Kombat video game came out transformed into a huge success, later better versions of the game appeared and then the first Mortal Kombat Movie that blew everyone away. This is a Prank where no one got hurt, injured or anything but very funny. For all Martial Artist finding one of these characters in an elevator would be like a dream come true, well not for everyone but this is for all of use who grew up playing this great video game.