How to do the turning Back or spinning back kick in MMA

How to do the turning Back or spinning back kick in MMA

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This kick is also known as Back Spinning Kick. Turning Back kicks are very effective if you know how and when to use it. Here are some of the most common mistakes while executing this kicking technique:

  • Most tend to drop their hand while kicking, this makes you lose your balance.
  • Not good body alignment while kicking.
  • Not good foot maneuver while kicking.
  • Most tend to begin kicking while turning, this shows your opponent what you’re doing.
  • Not aiming to the target.

Things you need to consider to deliver a successful turning back kick while sparring:

  • No matter what KEEP YOUR HANDS UP! I have seen many who kick and since they drop their hands they get a nice punch that ends the fight on the spot even before they kick.
  • Use your hips to increase power on your kick.
  • Your body needs to be aligned otherwise nothing will work.
  • Aim your target with shoulder, then turn, lift your knee and at the end of the turn deliver your kick.
  • Lift your knee before you kick, so you don’t waste momentum.
  • Kick at the very end of the turn.
  • Look where you’re going, make sure you keep an eye on where you’re kicking.
  • After the kick be ready and follow up with something right away because your opponent knows you are done with the technique and will initiate the attack.

Now be always open to learning new tips and work, work and work. Here is a great video that explains what a successful Turning Back kick looks like and what you need to do to get yours to improve.

Turning Back Kick

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