Mike Chaturantabut the beginning of Tricking


Mike Chaturantabut

Michael Chaturantabut is a Thai/Han Chinese-American actor and stuntman, best known for his role as Chad Lee, the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. He was born in Thailand.

Back in the 90’s, Mike was competing all over the United States. He was and still is an inspiration to many martial artists all over the world. This is how Tricking was born, some other martial artists came up too such as John Valera, but Mike Chat was our favorite Power Ranger. Most of us were trying to do crazy kicks and combinations on our own after watching him on stage.

Here is an awesome video of Mike Chat at the World Series of Martial Arts in 1998, just watch the video and you will notice the popular “Street Fighter” sounds along with his great performance. Look at the crowd celebrating all his moves.

This is for the new generation of trickers, this is how this movement got started, you will find the naysayers complaining about Tricking, don’t listen, and keep on keeping the flame alive. If they don’t like tricking is because they can’t do it.

In today’s tournaments you will find divisions where you can actually compete, extreme forms, extreme musical forms, creative forms, and team forms as well.

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