Mighty Karate Master

The Mighty Karate Master is here, turn your speakers on and learn from the best. This karate master reminds me one of my Karate Senseis I had, he looked like him and he was one of the greatest Senseis ever, he competed and won to show how it was done, he was not teaching the class, he was training with us, he was not a dictator but was a leader that is why we were training with him.

That is what a real Martial Arts instructor should be like, not a dictator but a role model. Most karate schools have instructors who scream and make you work and work while they have chips and soda….that’s wrong, totally wrong, the instructor should be on the mat with their students working out and showing them first hand…. well I think I changed the subject a little bit…well enjoy this video and don’t forget to share it so anyone can have a laugh.

Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.

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