Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2018

Mexican Martial Arts – Mexican American Kenpo

Mexican Martial Arts

Mexican American Kenpo

A friend of mine sent me this video, I thought it was going to be shocking but I can’t stop laughing. I hope no one gets offended… because everyone seems to get offended by everything these days. Well, enjoy this and share it with your Kenpo friends.

Mexican Martial Arts are here to stay and take over in the Latino community, American Kenpo Karate will disappear with this new deadly Martial Arts style.

Remember that laughter is the sweeter medicine for the mind and body, is a great antidote to reduce stress and pain. It helps you relax your body, according to studies it also helps you boost your immune system. Every time you laugh your body releases endorphins, this gives your body a sense of well being. Believe it or not, you also burn calories, so why not laugh and have a good time?

I hope you enjoyed this Mexican American Kenpo video.


Disclaimer: This is just a comedy and parody about American Kenpo Karate, remember to laugh a little bit and don’t take life too serious because is short so make the best out of it. Follow Mexican Martial Arts on Facebook!


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