Mawashi Tobi Geri – Round House Jumping Kick

This is Mawashi Tobi Geri - Round House Jumping Kick

A traditional kick you will not do in a traditional form but you can do in sparring depending on how fast you and skilled you are. I would not recommend using this kick in a self-defense technique.

  • This kicking technique can be seen in Kyokushin Kumite, which is considered the hardest Karate because of its training and strong kumite or sparring.

Keep in mind you need to be able to jump with both feet at the same time, you need to have a flexible lower back and decent stretch otherwise you might hurt yourself. Warm up by stretching both your legs, hips and lower back.

Step by step

  • From your current sparring stance
  • Bend both of your knees to propel yourself into the kick
  • As you jump moving forward your hip to kick
  • Deliver your kick and keep your hands up


  • You need to stretch not only your legs but your hips
  • You must bend both of your knees to be able to jump.
  • Move your hip forward aiming your target when you jump.
  • Keep your hands up otherwise your it will slow down your kicking

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