Master Ura Zuki in Karate

Master Ura Zuki in Karate

Ura Zuki in Karate

Let’s study the application and execution of Ura Zuki or inverted punch in Karate.

The Ura Zuki or inverted punch / close punch can be compared to a boxer’s uppercut but to the body. The striking point is the front of your knuckles just like in any punch in Karate.

Ura Zuki
Ura Zuki Close up image

This is an offensive movement used in Kumite, it is also used in self-defense techniques and seen in Katas. It is a specific strike at an angle of 45 degrees upwards diagonally.

This punch produces a lot of pain because the body by gravity moves horizontally, so when it receives this type of punch the body is lifted at the moment of the impact causing a lot of pain.

Ura Zuki Targets

The targets for this Ura Zuki would be the middle zone especially:

  • Ribs
  • Floating Ribs
  • Kidney
  • Stomach

To increase the power of this punch and produce more damage to the attacker bend your knees and then rise up along with your punch, the power of your legs will add more intensity to the impact.


  • Do not overextend your punch at all, it should be 90 degrees only
  • Do not lean forward when punching, you will lose your balance
  • Always keep a strong stance

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