How to Do the Warrior I Pose – Virabhadrasana I

Warrior I Pose

Warrior I Pose

This is a basic yoga posture, very easy to perform, it is ideal for beginners. The origin of this pose comes from Hindu mythology, Virabhadra was a warrior sent by Shiva, to kill Daksha. And so avenge the death of his beloved. Hence the origin of this yoga position and the sequence of its three warriors.
  • The name of Virabhadrasana comes from the Sanskrit word asana, meaning posture, and Virabhadra, which is the name of the Shiva warrior.
This figure of yoga is included within the sequence of Warriors, a series of simple postures to perform and at the same time very powerful. It is a very easy exercise to learn for beginners, and you can practice it at home without problems.
The benefits obtained by practicing Warrior 1 are the following:
  • relaxes the muscles of the shoulders and neck.
  • distends the thorax muscles.
  • mobilizes the thoracic spine.
  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, and torso.
  • mobilizes and stretches the hips.

Warrior I Pose Step by Step

In the following video, you can see how is the ideal execution of the warrior’s posture. The important thing is that the hip points forward and the back foot describes a 45-degree angle. It is possible that this combination is not feasible for anatomical reasons or for the flexibility of the hip.

If you notice that your hips are moving sideways or your body is twisted, place your back foot parallel to the mat by supporting only the tip of your foot and pulling your heel back.


  1. El pie trasero debe apuntar hacia fuera describiendo un ángulo de 45 grados.
  2. El borde exterior del pie trasero está bien apoyado en el suelo y la pierna está completamente estirada.
  3. La cadera debe apuntar hacia delante.
  4. La rodilla delantera describe un ángulo de 90 grados y está alineada con el tobillo (vista desde arriba y de los lados).
  5. Los brazos están estirados hacia arriba.
  6. Los hombros están alejados de las orejas.
  7. El torso está ligeramente adelantado.
  8. Debes mirar hacia los pulgares.
  9. El vientre está ligeramente tenso, la parte baja de la espalda distendida.

Warrior 1 Pose Virabhadrasana I

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