Warrior 2 Pose in Yoga

Warrior 2 Pose in Yoga

Warrior 2 Pose

The Warrior 2 Pose has so many benefits for your body. Is a standing pose that aims to provide balance, concentration, and stability in the body.

According to Hindu mythology, Virabhadra was a warrior sent by Shiva, to kill Daksha. And so avenge the death of his beloved. That is where the origin of this yoga position comes from.

The name of Virabhadrasana comes from the Sanskrit word asana, meaning posture, and Virabhadra, which is the name of the Shiva warrior.

This figure of yoga is included within the sequence of Warriors, a series of simple postures to perform and at the same time very powerful. It is a very easy exercise to learn for beginners, and you can practice it at home without problems.

Warrior 2 Pose in Yoga
Warrior 2 Pose in Yoga

Mastering the Warrior 2 Pose

Form a letter L with your feet, your forward foot is aiming to the front while your back foot is sideways. Your weight distribution should be equal but is ok to put 60% on the front foot and 40% on your back one.

Do not bounce, stay still contracting all your muscles to keep the pose together.

This pose will help you develop balance, connect with nature, and help you align your body as you ground yourself in perfect harmony.

Warrior 2 Pose step by step
The Warrior 2 Pose

Warrior 2 Pose step by step

  1. Stand on the floor and open your legs.
  2. With the trunk of the body forward and without moving it, turn the sole of the right foot to the right side by rotating it 90º.
  3. Flex the knee of your right foot until the thigh is parallel to the floor, keeping the left foot completely stretched. Go further opening your legs
  4. together until you get your thigh parallel to the floor. The right knee is parallel to the right heel.
  5. Your left foot rotates slightly forward, about 45 degrees. This is essential to protect the knees.
  6. Once there, raise the arms fully stretched to the height of the shoulders, parallel to the ground.
  7. Keep your legs energized, the soles of your feet pushing to the ground. And the triceps also with energy to not load the shoulders.
  8. With your back straight, turn your neck toward your right arm with your gaze on the middle finger of your right hand to maintain concentration.
  9. You are already in the position. Now you have to take care that the right leg does not fall forward and that your right shoulder follows parallel to your right hip, to keep your back straight.

Warrior 2 Pose Benefits

  • Strengthen the quadriceps, triceps, shoulders, buttocks, and abdominal area.
  • Stretch the back of the knees providing greater flexibility in the legs.
  • You get more openings in your breasts and hips.
  • Improve in posture, you get a better balance and greater resistance.
  • It prevents lumbago and sciatica.
  • It prepares the body to be able to perform more advanced postures.
  • It helps to maintain concentration and to be more focused and aware.
  • When you take deep breaths, you increase your lung capacity.

Warrior 2 Pose Recommendations

  • Do not attempt this pose if you have knee problems
  • If you are having trouble maintaining this pose, then start with a few seconds then increase them as you progress
  • Work on your balance to get better results as you progress on this pose
  • Always keep your back straight and in the center
  • Practice on a flat surface such as the shore, next to a lake, garden, or yoga studio
  • Practice in a place where you can relax
  • Adding meditation music will enhance your yoga practice
  • Lastly, practice with an empty stomach

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