How to Do a Tornado Axe Kick

Tornado Axe Kick Step by Step

Tornado Axe Kick

The Tornado Axe Kick is considered a variation of an Axe kick. It uses the same principles on the tornado kick but at the end, you execute your Axe kick to score your point. This technique is perfect to deceive your opponent because most of everyone might be familiar with the tornado kick but they would not expect an Axe kick and you will score your point.

This kick generates a lot of power and it can be dangerous because it connects on the head, this kick is one of those KO kicks. Be careful because excessive force can disqualify you in a tournament.

Tornado Axe Kick step by step

  • You are standing in your fighting stance.
  • You now do a back turn keeping your arms up and close to you.
  • Bring your knees up and at the end jump with an Axe kick.
  • Keep your guard up and go back to your fighting stance.


  • Because of the quick back turn, you do with the “tornado” you will have to calculate to drop your Axe kick a bit early to make sure it lands on your desired target.
  • After you deliver your kick, keep your hands up because your opponent might still throw a punch at you if you are that close.
  • Practice this kick standing in front of a mirror, then in front of someone holding the pad for you.
  • Lastly, practice this kick on a moving fighting stance and do your technique when your partner shows you the kicking pad.
  • Do not forget to properly stretch to avoid injuries.

blocking the Tornado Axe Kick

How can I block this Kick?

There are a few options to consider:

  • Move around your opponent and it will be harder for him to connect with a kick but the advantage is that can get him tired.
  • Close the distance when you notice he will be turning to kick, by doing this he will not be able to finish the kick and you could execute one to connect right away.
  • Do not intend to block with your forearm because the weight and the power generated can break your forearm, it is better to get out of the line of attack.

Is the Axe Kick really effective?

It is considered a very effective offensive and defensive technique but at the same time is very powerful.

What are the targets of this Kick?

The head, neck, and chest. It is a very effective kick in competition.

Why this kick technique is called Tornado Axe Kick?

It is called like that because you do a very fast turn move to gain speed which is the “Tornado”, then you execute the Axe Kick which is a linear or circular motion where you raise your leg, and at the peak height, you bring the ball of the foot straight down like the chopping movement of an ax.

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Tornado Axe Kick