Master the Straight Heel Palm Strike

Straight Heel Palm Strike

This is the Heel of Palm Strike found in many martial arts. In Kenpo Karate you will find it in several self-defense techniques, sets, and forms.

The targets for the Heel Palm Strike

  • Face, nose, jaw, chin.
  • Stomach, ribs.
  • Groin.

There are other uses for this strike, you can use it to keep distance between you and your attacker. You can also move around your attacker and use the heel palm strikes to keep him away from you, you can keep the distance if you don’t want to hurt him/her.

You can also use this strike in a sparring tournament to create distance and keep your opponent away.

It is important to know that you must point your fingers up when striking the face, in the middle section your fingers should point to the side and in the lower section fingers should point down.


  • Never overextend your arm, this will prevent any possible elbow injury.
  • Keep in mind that having a semi-curved arm can help you deliver an elbow strike faster if needed.
  • Keep your arms up and your other hand should be ready if the Heel palm fails or if it needs a secondary strike.
  • Always keep your back straight.
  • Do not lean close to your target when striking.

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