Master The Spinning Hook Kick

Master The Spinning Hook Kick

Spinning Hook Kick

This kick is a powerful one, it is found in many martial arts under different names. This kick requires proper execution of the hook kick, good balance, and good stretching. The kick can generate a lot of power and can knock out a person.

The main targets

You can use this kick in tournaments and do great because you score more points, you will win easily with 2 kicks on the head. You don’t have to destroy your opponent’s head, all you need to do is touch it, but it has to be clear enough you did it.

Spinning Hook Kick Step by Step

  • Start on your fighting stance with your hands up and left foot back
  • With your hands up aim with your right shoulder your target
  • Now move your right foot in front of your left foot as you also turn your upper body
  • Keep turning and lift your left knee aiming your target
  • Extend your leg to reach the target and kick the target with your foot
  • Land your foot keeping your hands up and go back to your fighting stance


  • Keep your hands up at all times
  • Align your shoulder, hip, knee, and foot when you kick
  • Use your hip to increase the power of this kick
  • You need to know the target before delivering this kick

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