The Push Down Block in Kenpo Karate

Push Down Block in Kenpo Karate

Push Down Block

This is one of the blocks we will find in many self-defense techniques, sets, and forms. This block can be used to create a safe distance as well which can help you create enough space to move around your attacker.

You can use this Push Down Block against a knee, uppercut, and middle strike attack.

“Although referred to as a block it is actually a check and should not be utilized against a powerful leg or knee strikes as a block, as you risk severe wrist injury and the potential for elbow/shoulder damage. It’s a most effective application in the method shown is as an arm, hip, or shoulder check.” Comment by Brye Cooper

Safety comes first

Your hand has small bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that are fragile. It is very easy to get injured, that is why you must get all your fingers together to form the spear or hand sword shape. All fingers should support one another to properly create the Push Down Block.

The block is executed at a 45-degree angle, not more than that otherwise you will be open to any attack.

Push Down Block Step by Step

  • While training you can execute it from a training horse stance and a neutral stance.
  • Start on a horse stance.
  • Bring your right hand without overextending your arm in front of your belt at a 45-degree angle
  • Your other hand could be in front of your chest or by your ribs
  • Do the same block on the other side


  • Make sure your fingers are together aiming to the side
  • Do not lean forward when blocking
  • Always keep your posture as you block
  • Your other hand should be ready to follow up with a strike, punch, or block

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