Pull Up Reverse Grip


Pull Up Reverse Grip

This is a beginner-level exercise that will strengthen your upper body, you will work your biceps. This is a wonderful exercise to add to your current training routine.

Pull Up Reverse Grip Step by Step

  • Get in front of the bar and now place your hands on it.
  • Your palms should face your head.
  • Now hang until your arms are straight.
  • Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar.
  • Now lower yourself slowly to your initial position.


  • Do not swing your body.
  • Cross your feet to get a better balance.
  • Do not try it if you have weak wrists or elbows.
  • Do not try it if you had any previous accidents on the shoulder, elbow, or wrist.
  • Do not try if you are overweight.

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