The Mount Position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Mount Position

The Mount Position

As we can see in the image, the mounted position is the one in which we are on top of our opponent with our legs around or above his.

The mount is one of the most dominant positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, since we totally control our rival and he loses the possibility of using his guard; from the Mount position we can do many submissions and change our position to lateral or back controls, while the rival’s possibilities are quite limited; but there are certain aspects that we must take into account if we do not want to lose it.

Summing it up a lot, we could say that it differs from the guard position for the fighter below, in that the legs are below our opponent, rather than around.

When someone is on the mount position you are at his mercy and you need to defend yourself because the guy on top of you can punch you many times and try to control you.

The Mount: important key points

Take the initiative

Your opponent is in a very disadvantageous position, the worst thing you can do is give him time to think about how he can get out of there, so take advantage of your advantage and do not stop threatening his neck with the Front Tie and position the Key arm or Triangle to force you to make mistakes that further compromise your position. As soon as you see your opportunity go for completion.

Weigh with your hips against the opponent

if you leave holes the opponent will use them to escape, recapture the guard or reverse you; weigh on him by crushing his abdomen with your hips, if necessary hook your legs under his. The opponent should never be comfortable on your ride.

Don’t let it catch your arms

As soon as you feel like your opponent is grabbing your arm, they are probably thinking of doing the Mount Reversal to that side. If you put your hands on the ground try to never be below his armpits, so he will not be able to prevent you from using them to stabilize yourself when he tries the inversion.

Here you can see a great solution to develop a great mount escape.


  • Keep one knee on each side and sit on your partner’s torso
  • Make sure your back is straight using all your body weight to keep him there
  • The bridge of your foot must make contact with the mat or ground

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Requirements

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