Kenpo Karate Yellow Belt Techniques

Kenpo Karate Yellow Belt Techniques

Kenpo Karate Yellow Belt Techniques

A white belt represents a white paper ready to be written. So many important basics are there like the horse stance, the neutral Stance, attention stance, some basic punches, kicks, and strikes. In Yellow Belt there is progress, the student is learning the basics just like when kids learn the letters of the alphabet, with the letters they form words, with the words they form sentences.

Yellow Belt in Kenpo karate


These stances will be part of your new forms and set to learn, which will help you with your self-defense techniques.


These blocks will help you create your own shield of protection, you need to learn them because you will use them in forms, sets, and self-defense techniques.


Parries are short blocks or stops. These are essential moves to allow the practitioner to continue to move with an offensive more.


Finger Techniques



These are your new kicks to learn and master. You will notice you have two kinds of kicks, the snapping, and thrusting kicks. Each one of these kicks has a different purpose.

Foot Maneuvers

These foot maneuvers are required for sparring and essential in your self-defense techniques.

Yellow Belt Self Defense Techniques

This is the only rank with only 10 self-defense techniques. These techniques are the base for all the new self-defense techniques you will learn in higher ranks, you will also find them in your forms.

      1. Delayed Sword. Front left-hand lapel grab.
      2. Alternating Maces.  Two-hand front push.
      3. Sword of Destruction. Left hooking punch.
      4. Deflecting Hammer. Right kick.
      5. Captured Twigs. Rear bear hug, arms pinned.
      6. Grasp of Death. Left flank headlock.
      7. Checking the storm. Right overhead club.
      8. Mace of Aggression. Two-hand lapel grab.
      9. Attacking Mace. Right step-through punch.
      10. Sword and Hammer. A right flank shoulder grab.

Yellow Belt Forms

This form teaches you basic foot maneuvers in coordination with basic common blocks, all blocks should be executed in a Neutral stance.

Yellow Belt Sets

This first set teaches you how to execute 5 basic blocks in Kenpo Karate, upward block, inward block, outward extended block, downward block and push down block. All executed from a horse stance because the focus on this set is on the blocks only.


  • Please consider all curriculum is accumulative and you are required to know all the previous rank content as you progress.
  • Keep a journal or study notebook, it is always a good idea to take notes or to write down important things to improve your practice.
  • Before learning new material make sure you have properly learned what you are required to learn
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, just raise your hand and feel free to ask your instructor.
  • Always keep your training gear for your own personal use, do not share your sparring gear.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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