Inward Block Kenpo Karate

The Inward Block Kenpo Karate

The Inward block

The inward Block is one of the most used and important blocks in American Kenpo Karate. You will find it in all Kenpo forms. Many compare this block to the Japanese one but that is wrong because Kenpoists don’t block preparing it like the Japanese/Okinawan; it goes out right away. Kenpoists block and the other hand is ready for the second move.

It also plays an important role in the economy of motion principle because since the block is out it can transform into a weapon like in “Five Swords” it starts with a block that transforms into a hand sword. In a Japanese style, the block and the hand sword would have been different.

When a kenpoist blocks with one hand the other one is not in the chamber or at the waist/hip; it is ready checking to back up the block. Depending on the intensity of the block it can be used as a weapon.

Inward Block Step by Step

  • For practice, you can get started on a training horse stance
  • Place your left hand in front of your solar plexus while your right hand is on your side ready to block
  • Move your right arm to your center as if you were blocking a punch to your chest
  • Now repeat the same move on the other side


  • Keep your back straight.
  • The hand that is not blocking should be checking or ready to back up your block.
  • Be on a neutral bow or forward bow depending on the technique.
  • Do not overextend your block.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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