Master the hook kick step by step in Taekwondo

Master the hook kick step by step

Hook Kick

There are several ways to execute it, it is also hard to detect from an opponent if it is rightly executed.

Front Leg Hook Kick

The front leg is fast, but because you are kicking with your front leg but you won’t kick as strong as with the rear leg because the distance is shorter from your foot to your opponent.

You can kick the back of the leg, the back, the stomach, the groin, the head, and the face.

  • You need to lift your knee up.
  • Keep your hand up for your balance.
  • Use your knee to aim at the target.
  • Adjust your hip to kick.
  • Pivot your base leg almost 180 degrees to be stable while kicking.
  • The important part is pulling your leg across your body to reach the desired target.

This kick can be executed with the rear leg as well, you bring your rear leg up then the rest is the same.

Aaron Gassor, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwon-do explains the proper way to execute the Hook Kick. Regardless of the martial art, you are in keep in mind you will find this kick in many other martial arts with a different name, but the technique is the same.

Spinning Hook Kick

  • The way I do it I keep my hand up and aim the target with my shoulder then I spin and at the end of it, I deliver my kick.
  • Remember to land back in your guard position and keep your hands up.

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