Front Splits

The Front Splits

Front Splits are easier to achieve than side splits because we are constantly using the same muscles to walk and move around all day.

These are the techniques that I currently find the most effective for working towards the splits. You know that having good flexibility will help you improve your kicking techniques, these two stretching techniques will help you improve your kicking techniques if you train martial arts:

If you do not train any martial art then you will receive great benefits as well, you will improve your circulation, your lower back, stretch your muscles and tendons.

Front Splits Step by Step

This is a Stretching session by Krystel Dallas, a fitness expert from Ontario, Canada. Follow her class with a variety of stretching exercises to develop better flexibility.

You should stretch from your lower back and down, hips, and both legs equally to get better results.


  • Do not stretch without warming up, you need at least 10 minutes to warm up
  • You need to stretch your entire body for better results, not just your legs
  • An appropriate Yoga Mat, and environment to exercise are a must for stretching
  • Do not force your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments

If you would like to learn how to do the side splits then the following article will help you. The side split is a necessary step to improve side kicks, hook kicks, roundhouse kicks, and many other kicking techniques. Here it is: How to do the splits in days

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