Master Menacing Twirl technique in Kenpo Karate

Master Menacing Twirl technique in Kenpo Karate

Menacing Twirl

Menacing Twirl is a self-defense technique found in the green belt of the American Kenpo Karate System. Here we have two versions, one the one for green belt and the second one with its extension for black belts.

Menacing Twirl Step by Step

  • As you are grabbed turn to your right and deliver a right downward hammer to the groin.
  • Left straight heel palm to the face and follow up with a right knee then a left knee to any available target to finalize with a left inward elbow strike.
  • Cover out.


  • In the street, someone might grab and pull your belt or even jeans, and you do a hammer to the groin going through the arm which is holding you.

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