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We met Master Ken last year at the Long Beach Internationals, where he did an amazing eye-opening AMERI-DO-TE Demonstration, the crowd went crazy and mostly everyone surrendered their belts to Master Ken.
Many of our Martial Arts friends from around the world sent us their questions and Master Ken took the time to answer them all. Master Ken thank you very much for taking the time to share your insights.

Here is what you don’t know about Master Ken…

Table of Contents

1.-What does Master Ken eat for breakfast when training hard? Linda from Oregon.

Ninjas. With tabasco sauce if possible.

2.-Does Master Ken have a favorite movie? Nathan from CT.

It’s a tie between “No Retreat, No Surrender” and any of the “American Ninja” movies. Those are some great comedies. All the bullshit in those films makes me laugh.

3.-I want to join the force (Ameri-DO-TE)how do I do that? Liza, from Arizona.

First, you must win a physical fight against yourself by knockout. Then, you must collect the hangnail of a ninja, an ounce of sweat from a Kenpo stylist, and the left speaker of a Krav Maga instructor. Or you can just purchase a White Belt Certificate at

4.-Does Master Ken train another sport or he is devoted to Ameri-Do-Te? Terry from Texas.

By “another sport” you are insinuating that Ameri-Do-Te is a something that someone plays for fun instead of being a deadly street fighting system. If Ameri-Do-Te was a sport it would be compared to activities such as shark wrestling or dynamite juggling…but it’s not. Because Ameri-Do-Te is not a sport. It’s deadly serious.

But to answer your question I occasionally play table tennis.

5.- What is Master Ken’s secret diet to stay in shape? Victor, from Chile.

I eat 400 grams of protein every day for muscle growth. It’s a mix of protein powder and raw meat. To maintain my focus during my workouts I drink a large can of energy drink every hour. In order to suppress my desire for carbohydrates, I chew on a piece of shoe leather in between meals. This also strengthens my jaw in case I need to bite anyone during a fight.

6.-Does Master Ken like music?? what kind of music? do you train with music? Nicole from Florida.

Pretty much anything by Frank Stallone.

7.-Does your style use any weapons? Ray from Florida.

In the hands of an Ameri-Do-Te specialist, anything becomes a weapon. I can do more damage with a spatula or a nutcracker you could do with any traditional martial arts weapon.

8.-There is a place for the first 11th Degree Black Belt in the National Sports Karate Museum History. What do you think about that? Professor Gary Lee.

I think you should stop trying to lure me into your garage.

9.-Do you have a favorite weapon? Christina, from Oregon.

If I had to choose one, I’d pick the knife. It’s a something you can carry with you almost anywhere and allows you to defend yourself as well as make a sandwich afterward. Just don’t forget to clean the blood off the blade first.

10.-What do you think about Team Titanes from Mexico? Luis Gutierrez, Mexico.

I had to Google who they were and from the images I found they appear to be circus folk. My opinion is that their uniforms are very colorful.

11.-Elvis Presley was a Kenpo Black belt, what do you think about that? John from Las Vegas.

I think that seeing old films of Elvis doing Kenpo reminds me of what a good singer he was. Kind of like when Michael Jordan started playing baseball. We knew he was doing it but watching was kind of disappointing.

12.-Do you like to read in your free time? what do you do in your free time? Claudia from Argentina.

I read martial arts related material to see what other bullshit is out there and how I can fix it and turn it into Ameri-Do-Te. Whether it’s Ed Parker’s Infinite Insights or Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do I always enjoy figuring out what’s wrong with everyone else’s style.

13.-What does Ameri-do-te have to offer if the fight in on the ground? Franciszek from Poland.

We offer street-effective techniques they don’t teach in Jiu-Jitsu class. Eye gouges. Fish hooking. Biting. Lots of biting. And at the advanced level, we teach you how to use your bodily fluids to overcome an attacker on the ground. It’s called “Catch and Release”.

14.-Is Master Ken married? Alyssa from Nebraska.

Yes. I am married to Ameri-Do-Te. Every martial art that I met before her was dirty…dirty whore of disappointment that smelled like pennies and shame.

15.-What is the most effective kick in your system and why? Ron from UK.

Restomping the groin. Because some can survive the first stomp. But nobody survives the re-stomp.

16.-what do you think about Jean Claude Van Damme? Carlos from Brazil.

I think that he is an excellent dancer but kickboxing is clearly bullshit. All I ever see him do in his training is kicking trees with his shins or flower pots with his feet. So essentially he is an expert in full contact gardening.

17.-What does Master Ken like to do when is not training? Rob from Alaska.

I am always training. When I’m in the kitchen cooking eggs I’m thinking of how best to decapitate someone with my spatula. When I’m in the office I’m coming to new places to stab someone with my pen. And when I’m in the toilet I’m imagining new and interesting ways to attack the groin from a seated position.

18.-What do you think about Hyper/Tricking? Henry from New York.

I think that anyone afflicted with this terrible illness should get a prescription for Adderall immediately.

19.-Have you ever had to use Ameri-Do-Te to defend yourself? Justin from Montana.

Yes. Many times. Against human beings. Wild animals. I was once attacked by a Plymouth Sundance late at night while I was minding my own business in the middle of the highway. There was a sign nearby that said “Speed Trap”. Should’ve said “Death Trap”. I destroyed that vehicle with my Kill Face. Not sure what happened to the driver. I meant to check on their well being but I had somewhere to be.

20.-What has been your biggest challenge you had to face? Norma from San Diego.

Realizing the greatness that lies within myself. Because every time I think I’ve discovered how powerful I am…I realize I’m even more powerful than I thought I was. So the power within me is so powerful that I can’t even use that great power to comprehend the power that lies within myself because…it’s too powerful.

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