Kata Taikyoku sono ichi

Kata Taikyoku sono ichi

Kata Taikyoku Sono Ichi

Kata Taikyoku Sono Ichi is part of the requirements in Kyokushinkai Karate. This is a color belt kata.

It’s a great kata to practice defensive and offensive techniques. This is a perfect kata to help you improve your balance, concentration, timing, muscle memory, and much more.

Taikyoku sono ichi is the first kata of the Taikyoku series in Kyokushinkai Karate style. On every turn, a Gedan Barai is required to block a Mae Geri. Then you counter-attack with a Seiken Tsuki.

The main purpose of this kata is to learn how to properly block and counter-attack, here you learn how to execute Gedan Barai on a proper stance and then move forward with a horizontal punch. You are required to do this in several directions, this Kata forms a letter H on the floor, just pay attention to how you form it.

Kata Taikyoku Sono Ichi Step by Step


  • Keep a strong posture on all your stances.
  • Keep the same height on all stances and as you move through your kata.
  • Keep your back straight at all times.
  • Block as you were blocking a real kick.
  • And punch as you were punching a real attacker.

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