Karate Shuto Uchi – Knife Hand Strike

Master Karate Shuto Uchi

Karate Shuto Uchi

Shuto Uchi is a striking technique that uses the edge of the hand. You will find this technique in Katas and in Self Defense Techniques.

The main targets for this strike are the neck and temple but you could also apply it to other pressure points such as:

  • The bicep to disable the arm.
  • The solar plexus to create distance.
  • The nose and the base of the jaw.

This is a strike you will not be allowed to use in Kumite because of the nature of it, but you could use Karate Shuto Uke which is basically the same move but used to block a punch or any similar attack.

Karate Shuto Uchi on the neck
Karate Shuto Uchi on the neck

Karate Shuto Uchi Step by Step

  • Start on your Kiba Dachi or training Horse Stance.
  • Your right hand is placed palm up by your left ear without touching it.
  • Your left hand is in front of your solar plexus.
  • Now bring your left hand by your ribs, form a fist, and deliver a back elbow strike.
  • Your Right hand is extended to deliver the Shuto Uchi strike to the neck of your opponent.
  • Repeat the same strike on the other side.


  • Always keep a strong posture to provide you a good foundation on any more
  • Your hand reaches the target, not you, do not move closer to the target
  • Bring your hand back right after you hit with the strike, unless you are planning to execute a grab
  • Keep your back straight and do not lean forward because you could lose your balance and decrease the intensity of your strike

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