Jumping Front Kick in Karate

Jumping Front Kick

The Jumping Front Kick is known as Mae Tobi Geri in Japanese. It is a powerful kick if done properly, in Kumite can produce a lot of damage. You need to master your Mae Geri or front kick, have a decent simple jump, and then put them all together to execute it.

Jumping Front Kick Step by Step

  • Your starting positions would be your fighting stance
  • Now step closer by lifting your knee
  • As you drop your knee immediately switch with a front kick with the opposite leg
  • Step down and keep your hands up

You can kick the stomach or the face. By lifting the knee you are making your opponent believe you will kick with that leg, his reaction might be to lower his hands trying to block it, then is when you kick with the other leg. This kicking technique can also help you get closer, it is also possible that your opponent could block it so we suggest always follow up with a secondary technique

  • The same Jumping Front Kick in constant sparring.

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