How to Do a Bolley Kick in Taekwondo

How to Do a Bolley Kick in Taekwondo

Bolley Kick

A Bolley kick is a very advanced technique, so beginners shouldn’t try this yet. If you have at least two years of training, maybe you can give this a try, but you are required to stretch your entire body.

Keep in mind this is a kick that involves your entire body, you must warm up and stretch your arms, back, lower back, hips, and legs.

You also need to practice jumping and spinning as a basic requirement for this kick.

Can we use this kick in Sparring?

Yes, you might use it under these factors:

  • Kick on the head. It might sound impossible for some but it is possible to connect if applied at the right angle.
  • To intimidate the opponent. You can use this kick to scare your opponent, if you are able to execute this kick you can intimidate anyone.
  • This is a kick you can do at a demonstration event or a breaking competition.

Learn how to properly execute the Bolley kick in Taekwondo also known as the 450-degree kick. Master Chong puts all his awesome powers to teach you step by step how to master this kick.

Bolley Kick Step by Step


  • Practice makes an improvement, it is important to practice every move every step then put it all together.
  • Use a target to train this kick and make sure you stretch your entire body.
  • Make sure you have enough room to practice, you don’t want to land on any object
  • Make sure the floor is flat, clean, and secure.

Here you have a full Stretching routine for Taekwondo, this will help you get ready for the Bolley Kick and master any kick.

Taekwondo Techniques

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