Master Hiza Geri in Karate Step by Step 1 Powerful Technique

Master Hiza Geri in Karate

Hiza Geri

This is a knee kick that can be used in a short distance but also can be used on a long-distance depending on how fast and unpredictable you are. In a short distance, you can use Mae Hiza Geri or Mawashi Hiza Geri, in a long-distance you can do Mae Tobi Hiza Geri.

  • Your target mainly would be the stomach, but you can apply it to the ribs. You can also apply this technique on the thigh and even against the front part of the leg. In Kumite depending on the style, it would be valid to kick the head as in Kyokushin Karate.

This technique has two variants when kicking point your toes up to increase the power-up, then point your toes down to increase the power forward when kicking.

  • Mae Hiza Geri is a front knee strike.
  • Mawashi Hiza Geri is a circular knee strike.

Depending on which knee strike you use you must understand that the power comes from the hips, not by just lifting the knee to hit the targets. Add the power of your hips by thrusting forward to your target as you execute this technique.

Hiza Geri Step by Step

  • Start in a fighting stance with your hands up
  • You need to grab your opponent by the neck to apply your technique
  • Grab your opponent pulling to you and lift your knee
  • Now pull in as you thrust your knee into your opponent
  • Let go and keep your hands up

  • Here you can see the power of this technique in Kumite, you will notice it can KO an opponent easily because the knee is a hard bone.


  • Always keep your back straight as your knee goes up
  • Don’t lift your knee too high, this can weaken your other leg
  • You must pull in your opponent unless you are doing a Mae Tobi Hiza Geri

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