Hiki Uke in Karate

Hiki Uke in Karate
Hiki Uke in Karate

Hiki Uke

Hiki Uke is a defensive circular block that is also becoming a grab at the same time. It has three purposes block, grab and pull. This is a considered and advanced move because you are required to learn and master basic blocks before you learn Hiki Uke.

How to use Hiki Uke

This block can be applied against a direct middle punch, it could also be applied to a circular punch but it would require to move along with the punch.

Let’s study the direct punch attack, as the punch comes in you immediately step back at the same time you block the upcoming punch which then you can grab by the wrist and apply the principle of Hikite to execute a counter-attack and stop the attacker.

If a circular punch comes in then you follow the circle and keep turning to use your opponent’s force to project him to the ground, you might also deliver a strike or direct punch and then project him to the ground. You have many possibilities in this kind of attack.

Executing Hiki Uke Step by Step

  • Start on a Kiba Dachi while your left-hand checks or secures the block for the right hand.
  • When your right-hand makes contact it retracts a little bit just like when you pull and grab at the same time.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side and alternate.


  • Always go from the middle inside out to the limit of your own body.
  • Do not over-extend your arm exposing your ribs, keep your elbow in.

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