Master Glancing Wing Defense Technique

How to do Glancing Wing Defense Technique

Glancing Wing

Glancing Wing is a Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the green belt rank that is also found in the Third-degree black belt rank with its extension. This technique is against a left step through an uppercut punch.

Glancing Wing Step by Step

  • Right step as your right-hand blocks the uppercut and your left-hand delivers a vertical punch to the face of the opponent.
  • Slide your right hand up as your left-hand checks and clears his right elbow.
  • Do a right hammer to his kidney, then the same hand checks the right arm.
  • Slightly move your left foot back a bit as your right-hand grabs his neck to pull him down.
  • Now a left downward elbow strike and cross out.

Mr.Rick Jeffcoat demonstrates Glancing Wing with its extension found in the third-degree black belt rank.

The same technique breakdown by Senior Master Mohamad Tabatabai.


  • Your initial block should be accompanied by a direct punch to cancel any further action.

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