Encounter with Danger Self Defense Technique

How to do Encounter with Danger Self Defense Technique

Encounter with Danger

This self-defense technique found in the green belt rank is against a front two-hand push, this is not just an initial push like on previous self-defense techniques, on this one you are pushed hard and you are on the ground.

Encounter with Danger step by step

  • As you are being pushed and you fall use your forearms as support, deliver a front left kick to the groin/stomach.
  • Turn to your left and deliver a right knife-edge kick to the face.
  • Keep turning with the motion until you have both hands on the ground ┬áto gain support for your last kick, a left-back kick

Rick Jeffcoat demonstrates Encounter with Danger with its extension which is part of Third degree Black Belt. On this technique, there is a follow-up, because you keep moving forward to dominate your attacker.


  • Curve your back when you fall, this will protect you from hitting your head.
  • Cross your arms protecting yourself at all times if you are on the ground.

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