Cha Ryut in Taekwondo

Cha Ryut in Taekwondo

Cha Ryut in Taekwondo

The position of Attention or Cha Ryut (차렷) or attention stance, is also found in many other styles of martial arts, this came from the military where the soldiers stay ready for instruction. In Taekwondo you will do Cha Ryut at the beginning and the end of your Poomsae or Pumpsae. You will also do it when your instructor will give you drill instructions.

You would always do Cha Ryut before starting and before ending your form where you salute or bow to your instructor or judges at a tournament.

Cha Ryut Step by Step

  • As you are standing, move your left foot next to your right foot.
  • At the same time place both hands on your side touching the side of your leg.
  • Keep your back straight, face the front.
  • Don’t move around, don’t look over your shoulders, keep facing the front following directions.
  • Wait for your instructor for the next move or instruction.


  • Always feet together and hands touching the side of your hips.
  • Always eyes on the front, no smile at all.
  • You should always be serious in this stance.
  • Always wait for instruction while on this stance.

Taekwondo Techniques

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