Kenpo Karate Blue Belt Techniques

Master Blue Belt in Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate Blue Belt Techniques

Years ago when I was a purple belt I met a brown belt who knew I just got into college, I was a freshman, I was 18 years old. He asked me if I could get some Kenpo info from the Internet, he gave me a box of floppy disks to save whatever I could find on them, in exchange he offered to help me with my blue belt requirements. That was just the beginning of a new chapter.


  • Close kneel
  • Concave


  • Horizontal downward forearm
  • Vertical inside forearm
  • Vertical inside forearm


  • Upward
  • Horizontal inward palm heel
  • Horizontal outward palm heel


  • Invert vertical roundhouse
  • Looping overhead
  • Hook

Finger Techniques

  • Side thrust
  • Back thrust
  • Back claw


  • Inside vertical forearm
  • Outward palm heel
  • Overhead palm heel
  • Rear (stiff arm lift) palm


  • Snapping back
  • Side chicken
  • Front chicken

Foot Maneuvers

  • Rear crossover
  • Hop forward and reverse

Self Defense Techniques

  1. Begging Hands. Front two hand grab to the wrists.
  2. Thrusting Wedge. Front two hand high push.
  3. Flashing Wings. Front right step through punch.
  4. Hugging Pendulum. Right front side kick.
  5. Repeated Devastation. Full Nelson.
  6. Entangled Wing. Front arm lock.
  7. Defying the Storm. Front right step through roundhouse club.
  8. Raking Mace. Front two hand lapel grab- pulling in.
  9. Snaking Talon. Front two hands push.
  10. Shield and Mace. right front step-through punch.
  11. Retreating Pendulum. Front right thrusting heel kick.
  12. Tripping Arrow. Front bear hug- arms free.
  13. Fallen Cross. Rear two hand choke.
  14. Returning Storm. Front inward roundhouse and backhand club.
  15. Crossed Twins. Rear two hand grab to the wrist.
  16. Twist of Fate. Front two-hand push.
  17. Flashing Mace. right straight front punch.
  18. Gift of Destiny. Handshake.
  19. Wings of Silk. Rear two arm lock.
  20. Gripping Talon. Left front direct right wrists grab.
  21. Gathering Clouds. Right straight front punch.
  22. Destructive Twins. Front two hand choke, pulling in.
  23. Broken Ram. Front tackle.
  24. Circling the horizon. Right front step through right punch.

Forms: Long Form 2


Kenpo Karate Techniques

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