Martial arts are violent!


Once one guy asked what kind of sport my son is doing… I told him he is learning Martial arts. He looked at me and said “that is too violent! I don’t want my kids to ever be in that world..” I looked at him in the eye and asked him “Do I look violent to you, I’m his instructor.” He shut up and try to change the conversation, while our kids were playing.

Martial arts is not violent at all but it teaches you so much:

  • You can learn something new from everyone.
  • You train in a team like a family
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t but you always learn
  • It is not about being strong, it’s about proper technique
  • You learn not to judge by their appearance
  • You learn to control yourself
  • You learn to respect
  • You learn to take care of your body
  • Helps you become more organized in your life
  • You will learn to work hard for your goals

For many of us Martial Arts is not just for fun, is a way of life, for many parents creates a tradition in their families when a father passes his knowlegde to his kids and becomes a passion.

The best thing you can give to a kid is the gift of learning martial arts.

Karate Techniques

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