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From a bullied kid to a Martial Arts Instructor

I started in the world of Martial Arts because I was being bullied at school. My teachers did not care, they did not listen to me and sometimes they were making fun of me because I was complaining that I was being bullied. No one likes to be bullied, I told my mom about it and she went to talk to the teachers and they did nothing about it too. I was fed up, I wanted this to end, I couldn’t take it anymore.

One day I told my mom I wanted to learn Karate, so I ended up at a Kenpo Karate studio in downtown. I walked in and there was the main instructor who was a nice guy and invited me for a free class to see if I liked it or not. I was there on time and I liked it, I felt like that is what I was looking for. The higher belts were respectful, there was a lot of discipline and everything was structured. I kept training and training.

I was still being bullied but I did not care, so the bullies where trying to bother me even more and one day I turned around and faced the main bully, I told him “ok, right here, now” and looked at him in the eye with confidence. He wasn’t expecting that reaction and he stopped. Later he found out I was training Karate and never ever bother me again, he even tried to be friendly but he knew he screwed up for so long so I looked at him with a serious look and that was it.

I created Kenpista.com because Martial Arts can make a change in our society. It changed me, it helped me, it gave me confidence and now is helping my kids. As a parent I don’t want my kids to go through the bullying I went through, but if they have to they will know how to react and do something about it. I became a Martial Arts Instructor thanks to the bullies.

Martial Arts are the best gift you can give to a child. We cannot stop the cycle of life, we will leave our kids someday. When I leave mine I will watch them from heaven but they will know how to protect themselves.

I have developed this website to leave something for the future generations, to spread the word about the Benefits of Martial Arts, to share the knowledge. Are you with me?

If Martial Arts training were available to everyone this world would be different.

Help me spread the word about Martial arts, let’s help kids and stop bullying.

I have been to several dojos, training in many places in the world, competing in many tournaments, seminars and learning other martial arts styles. I’m a black belt in American Kenpo Karate which I love because of all the self defenses it has; but I also train other useful techniques.