Super Soke Gilberto Pauciullo man with 22 10th degree black belts !

Super Soke Gilberto Pauciullo

Super Soke Gilberto Pauciullo

Can a man who is 62 can have 22 10th degree black belt, 7 9th black belts, 2 8th degree black belts, 4 7th degree black belts…is this possible??

This morning is one of those that gave me a big surprise. A friend of mine sent me a link, what a link… I was having my morning coffee and I almost choked.

Meet Gilberto Pauciullo from Italy.

How in the world a man who was born in 1952 be an 11th-degree black belt, 22 10th degree black belts, 7 9th black belts, 2 8th degree black belts, 4 7th degree black belts…for that he should be 200 years old!

My dad was born in 1950, a hard worker who taught me that nothing in this world is free if you want to have something you have to earn it. I have been working hard all my life, I have felt down, life has thrown at me everything, I get up again and again.

This guy also claims to be a 10-degree black belt in Mixed Martial Arts, I wonder who endorses this because to my knowledge MMA does not follow a belt system like traditional karate. Fighters in the UFC come from different martial art styles and none of them is a black belt in MMA, if that was the case then Dana White would be a 10th-degree black belt., uncovered this story, they did the research on this. Now prepare and sit because you won’t believe this:

Official Certificates:
11Th Duan – Man seer Kung Pai Kung Fu.
10Th Dan – Katory Yama RyuJu-Jutsu.
10Th Dan – Okonawa Go JuRyu.
10Th Dan – Street Rapid Defense System.
10Th Dan – WOSD/Kapap System.
10Th Dan – Self-Defense.
10Th Dan – Agni Kempo.
10Th Dan – I.F.Knife Fighting System.
Grade A – Hanshi – Soubukai Karate-Do / Japan-Tokyo.
10Th Dan – Ju-Boxing Full Contact.
10Th Dan – Shin KakutoJutsu-Hanshi.
10Th Dan – Gung Chi Pai Gung Fu System.
10Th Dan – Ju-Hitsu .AJJIF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .IJJF.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .ACJJ.
10Th Dan – Ju-Jitsu .UAJJ.
10Th Dan – Martial Arts Police Method.
10Th Dan – Makoto Ryu Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Bu-JutsuSigung.
10Th Dan – Mexed Martial Arts.
10Th Dan – SERCSU.
10Th Dan – DIM MAK.
10Th Dan – Nefusen Submission Ju-Jitsu.
10Th Dan – Vietnamese Combat Martial Arts.
Si Gung Wing Chun – IntYp Man martial Arts Sifu Council.
Si Gung Chi Kung .
9Th Dan – Ken Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Tatsu Seiki Kikou-Do.
9Th Dan – Kamishin Kai Ju-Jitsu.
9Th Dan – Karate-Do.
9Th Dan – PioyEskrimaS.Miguel de Abanico Ming Sune Do.
9Th Dan – Chinese Kempo.
9Th Dan – Kokusai Sin JutsuKempo Kai.
Muk Yan Chong – Wing Chun Institute.
Chi Sao – Wing Chun Institute.
8Th Dan – Judo.
8Th Dan – Kimuchino Aikido.
7Th Dan – A.O.S. Tai Chi System.
7Th Dan – Ashihara Bu-Do kai.
7Th Dan – Ting Ho Dao.
7ThDuan – Shaolin Yang Sheng Fa.
7Th Dan – OSTCS.
6Th Dan – SeishinryokuGoju Kick Boxing.
6Th Dan – Kendo.
6Th Dan – OSR Karate-Do.
2Nd Dan – Sakibo.
Master of MARMA ADI.
Master of KAPAP – Level B – cert.n:704788.
Master of Military – Police Special Force.
Master of Special Commando Force – S.O.G.
Master Expert of KravMaga.
Master Expert of Close Combat System.
Depositary Master of Italian Traditional Knife.
Depositary Master of Italian Hand Weapons Combat System.
Can you believe this???
I have met real masters in many styles who are humble and love to share their knowledge, who are human and leave the door open for you at any time. I think this is wrong, claiming to be all that, not even my mom believe this!

If you are a friend of Gilberto Pauciullo from Italy, well I don’t judge you at all but for the respect of all those who have trained really hard in a dojo for years WAKE UP. I’m just a second-degree black belt with years of training…I’m a black belt who is still learning, I’m that white belt who never gave up.

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