How to Make Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor

INGREDIENTS: Thinly cut pork shoulder; 5 dry guajillo chiles; 2 dry ancho chiles; 1 dry chipotle; Â_ onion; 8 garlic clove; Â_ c. vinegar; 3 T salt; 3 T achiote powder; 2 T paprika or smoked paprika; 1-Â_ c. orange juice; Â_ c. veg oil. RECIPE: Toast, soak & seed chiles. Puree w/ garlic, vinegar, salt, achiote, paprika, juice, onion. Marinate with meat 2+ hours (overnight is ideal). Remove pork from marinade, cut into strips, and sauté. Warm tortillas on dry pan. Serve pork in tortillas w/ toppings.

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