Mae Geri Kekomi – Front Thrust Kick

This is Mae Geri Kekomi or Front Thrusting Kick

Mae Geri Kekomi

Mae Geri Kekomi is a front thrusting kick, it is the same as a snapping front kick but on this one, you push your opponent away using the ball of your foot. This kick can disable any opponent if done right, it is mostly recommended for self-defense rather than Kumite, but it is used in Kyokushin Kumite.

Mae Geri Kekomi Step by Step

  • Get started in your fighting stance
  • Raise your heel to shift your leg forward raising your knee
  • Now kick making contact with the ball of your foot.
  • Go back to your initial stance

Supporting leg Stretching exercise

In the following leg stretching exercise we are working on our hamstrings and quads at the same time. These are essential to bring the knee up and aim the target before kicking.

Supporting leg Stretching exercises - Front Kick Stretching Exercise

Kicking leg Stretching exercise

The following exercise will target the hamstrings and calves. This is essential to help you reach your target when kicking.

Kicking leg Stretching exercise - Front Kick Stretching Exercise

Mae Geri Kekomi Recommendations

  • Always warm-up and stretch before kicking.
  • Do not fall forward when kicking with your rear leg.
  • Keep your hands up at all times.
  • Lift the knee before throwing the kick
  • Step back right away after your kick.
  • To kick higher, practice and stretch frequently. The more you work on your flexibility, the higher you can kick.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes when training.
  • Learn to know your body to avoid injuries.
  • Kick with the ball of the foot

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