Mace of Aggression Yellow Belt Self Defense Technique

How to do Mace of Aggression Self Defense Technique

Mace of Aggression

Mace of aggression is a self-defense technique against two-handed lapel grab. This technique has been taught with several options but it depends on the instructor of each style its final requirement for the student.

Targets in Mace of Aggression

  • Face / nose
  • Solar plexus / chest / stomach

Weapons used in Mace of Aggression

  • Inward Hammer strike
  • Inward Elbow strike
  • Side Elbow strike

How to do Mace of Aggression step by step:

  • As you are grabbed use your left hand to pin the right arm.
  • Step forward as you are kneeing the inside of his right knee and simultaneously deliver an inward hammer to the nose.
  • Use your left hand to clear his hands and deliver an elbow strike to the face.
  • Finish with a right outward elbow strike to the solar plexus and cover out.


  • Check and pin the right hand to control both hands.
  • Do not circle your elbow strike, this will show what you are doing to the attacker and he might move or block it.

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