How to Do Karate Lower Blocks

How to Do Lower Blocks in Karate

Karate Lower Blocks

Today we’re going to do the lower block of Shotokan karate, the downward block, gedan-barai s the name. And this block’s really important because we use it in our basic form of the guard position.

When we’re fighting freely our guard, or our kamae is going to be here. When we’re doing a strict basic our guard is going to be this lower block, gedan-barai. So we always say from the beginning after we get ready, “gedan-barai kamae,” Kamae means on your guard.

So the block cuts down and because the block is to a low level we’ll either be blocking obviously a low punch, but very often a kick. The kick is so powerful if we block simply with our arm, we’re going to hurt the arm. We need to transfer the power of the body through the arm to deflect the kick. And you can only do that by having a sort of seamless curve coming through here rather than a rigidly straight arm as some people might do. It’s not bent, it’s just going to have a very small curve here.

So the feeling is from this midway point where you squeeze the entire center is to block with your entire body not to block with your arm and nobody. So the downward block, or lower block of Shotokan karate. Gedan-barai.

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