Low Carry Windmill vs High Carry Abs


So i am going to demonstrate how to do a wind mill with a low carry and a high carry. So the low carry, you gotta put one foot out to 90 degrees, you gotta bring your other foot out to forty five degrees, hip pop outward! Pick up your handle, kettle bell or dumbbell can be. Raise one arm up and you are gonna just slide down that leg coming back up, slide down that leg coming back up. You wanna make sure your hip is popping out the whole time. Their is a reason why our eyes are always on our hands. So I am gonna show you in a minute why.

For the high carry! So when you are doing a kettle bell high carry windmill, you eyes wanna be up the whole time on the kettle bell, can because you don’t want that thing to drop on your head. So same idea though, popping out the hip, arms sliding down your leg then coming back up to stand, siding down to a leg coming back up to a full stand. So you could also do it with both arms holding me but that’s the basics of how to do a windmill with a high carry and a low carry. So the high carry windmill is definitely the more challenging exercise because of the fact that the weight is above your head. They are both working your internal external obliques as well as your transversus abdominal.

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