How to Lose Weight with V-Crunches


Have you ever tried these amazing V-Crunches? These are also called Miracle crunches because you work your upper legs, hips, neck, waist, and your entire abs. You work all these with just one move, add more repetitions and more fun for you. If you set a daily routine with a good number of repetitions you will certainly get a stronger and defined middle section.

If you are also looking to increase muscle definition this routine can also help you, to maximize results start with 3 sets of 15 nonstop sessions.

If you want to burn grease and increase muscle definition increases the speed but start with 3 sets of 12 nonstop sessions.

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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.