Long Form 3 American Kenpo Karate

How to do Long Form 3 American Kenpo Karate

Long Form 3

In the American Kenpo Karate system, Long Form 3 is considered an advanced form. In some Kenpo schools is found in the green belt, in others could be found in blue belt rank. Here the techniques are run on left and right sides. There are also some additional techniques called isolations.

One of the most common mistakes in Kenpo Karate forms are bad stances or defending against giant imaginary opponents, no real speed on the techniques, moments when the speed is decreased, no sense of direction. It is recommended to practice each self-defense found in this form before putting the form together, the student needs to know all the self-defense techniques so he will know what he is doing.

Self Defenses Techniques

It carries advanced techniques which are Destructive Twins, Crashing Wings, Dominating Circles, Parting Wings, Glancing Spear, Isolations, Crossing Talons, Thrusting Wedge, Blinding Sacrifice, Wings of Silk, Repeated Devastation and Desperate Falcons.

Associate Master Rick Jeffcoat, 8th Degree Black Belt demonstrates Kenpo Karate Long Form 3. His Kenpo Karate School is located at 36 S. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101

7th Degree Black belt Professor Juan Serrano demonstrates Long Form 3


  • Always keep your back straight when doing your form.
  • Learn your self-defense techniques before working on your form.
  • Do not exaggerate your moves, the opponent is not a giant.

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