Long Form 3 American Kenpo Karate

How to do Long Form 3 American Kenpo Karate

Long Form 3

Long Form 3 in the American Kenpo Karate system is considered an advanced form. It can be found in different belt ranks depending on the Kenpo school, ranging from green belt to blue belt. This form involves executing techniques on both the left and right sides, with additional techniques known as isolations.

Common mistakes often observed in Kenpo Karate forms include improper stances, defending against imaginary opponents of unrealistic size, lack of speed in executing techniques, moments of decreased speed, and a lack of sense of direction.

To effectively perform this form, it is recommended to practice each self-defense technique individually before integrating them into the complete form. This ensures that the student understands and executes each self-defense technique correctly.

Long Form 3 is an intermediate form in American Kenpo Karate that encompasses a variety of techniques such as kicks, punches, checks, strikes, and foot maneuvers.

Long Form 3 stands as an exceptional choice for color belt competitors aiming to leave their mark at any tournament. The form’s rhythmic flow and precise execution draw attention, both from the judges and the enthusiastic audience, as they witness a display of skill, discipline, and dedication.

Although it is typically associated with the purple and blue belt ranks, its inclusion in other ranks may vary depending on the specific Kenpo school’s requirements.

American Kenpo Karate Long form 3

The Kenpo self-defense techniques you see on this form are:

  • Destructive Twins
  • Crashing Wings & Dominating Circles
  • Parting Wings
  • Glancing Spear
  • Isolations
  • Crossing Talons
  • Thrusting Wedge
  • Blinding Sacrifice
  • Wings of Silk
  • Repeating Devastation
  • Desperate Falcons

Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of personally meeting numerous Kenpoists. Among them, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for Professor Juan Serrano and Associate Master Rick Jeffcoat, who are graciously demonstrating this form.

These exceptional instructors possess a unique ability to ignite a deep desire for continuous learning within their students. It is evident that their passion for Kenpo radiates through their every word and action. I am truly thankful to both of them for generously sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with all of us.

Long Form 3 by Associate Master Jeffcoat

Long Form 3 by Professor Serrano

7th Degree Black belt Professor Juan Serrano demonstrates Long Form 3

Key Recommendations for Long Form 3

  1. Maintain Proper Posture: It is crucial to always keep your back straight and aligned during the execution of Long Form 3. By maintaining good posture, you ensure proper body mechanics and optimize your movements.
  2. Master Self-Defense Techniques: Before delving into the intricacies of the form, it is highly recommended to thoroughly learn and practice the individual self-defense techniques that are incorporated into Long Form 3. This preliminary understanding allows you to grasp the purpose and application of each technique, enabling a more effective execution within the form.
  3. Avoid Exaggeration: While performing Long Form 3, it is essential to avoid excessive exaggeration in your movements. Remember that the imaginary opponent you are simulating is not a giant. Maintaining a realistic approach to your actions ensures that your techniques remain practical and aligned with the principles of Kenpo Karate.
  4. Work on your stances, those need to be solid, and well-executed otherwise your form will not look sharp.

By adhering to these key recommendations, you will enhance your practice of Long Form 3, fostering correct posture, comprehensive knowledge of self-defense techniques, and a grounded approach to executing your moves.

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