How to do Locking Horns in Kenpo Karate

How to do Locking Horns in Kenpo Karate

Locking Horns

Locking Horns is a self-defense technique against a front headlock. This self-defense can lead to groundwork depending on your ability to respond to the attack. Let’s go over the steps:

  • As your head is locked, make sure your chin is close to your chest so you can breathe, use your left arm to grab his right wrist while you hit his groin with your right hand.
  • Use the same right hand to go up using your elbow to hit his chin or throat as you move.
  • Execute a left palm strike to the middle section then grab his head with your left hand and deliver an elbow strike to his head/face.
  • Cover out.


  • Remember if you can’t breathe you can’t continue, your left hand has to hook his right forearm.
  • Cross out as soon as you deliver your elbow strike.

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