Limalama is a Polynesian art of self-defense, created and founded by Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega. Tuiolosega created the word “Limalama” as a portmanteau derived from the Samoan language words lima and malamalama. Tuiolosega defined Limalama to mean “knowledge and understanding”, and translated it as “hand of wisdom”.

The Limalama has its origins in the island of Samoa of the Polynesian archipelago in the continent of Oceania, is formed by the ancestral systems of fight of the 12 islands that make up the archipelago, is transformed and brought to the American continent by the Grand Master Tumanao Tino Tuiolosega during the 2nd. World War aboard a ship of the merchant marine of E.U.A.
He teaches the police in Los Angeles and then in a particular way while changing his knowledge with Ed Parker of Kenpo Americano, hence the similarity between both martial styles.

The word Limalama means “The hand of wisdom.” It is derived from two Polynesian words – “Lima” and “Malamalama”. “Lima” is a popular term in Samoan and Hawaiian meaning “five” or “hand” and the term “Malamalama” is defined in the Samoan language as “understanding”, “bright”, or “intelligent”. Using both words in their entirety would create a very difficult word to pronounce, so we took the word “Lima” and joined with “Lama” from “Malamalama” to create the word LIMALAMA. The intention of the Founder, Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega, was to create a word that would express and project the understanding in a way without any tendency or inclination. He wanted a message of warm feeling and a sense of humility to be brought to the world.